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Claudius Lestrade is a Business and Financial Expert in the field of AML/Compliance, Financial Market Supervision /Regulation, Risk Assessments, Financial Analysis and amongst others. He is the current Head of the AML/CFT Department at the Office of the Supervisor of Financial Institutions (Financial Services Unit) (FSU). Mr. Lestrade is an expert in international AML/CFT standards monitored by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF, CFATF and other international bodies such as the OECD, EU Code of Conduct Grouping and United States FATCA).

Having a proven Track Record in both the Public and Private Sector, Mr. Lestrade has developed and introduced the FSU AML/TF risk assessment methodology and control frameworks for AML/CFT supervision covering Dominica’s entire Financial Services Sector.

Is a seasoned and qualified Financial Regulator and Director with proven superior people management skills and has demonstrated the ability to resolve complex AML policy and implementation issues affecting the financial sector in Dominica. 
With over 11 years of direct responsibility for AML/CFT compliance management oversight in both the private and public sectors.

Mr. Lestrade continues to lead the FSU and Dominica’s relationships with the CFATF, FATF, OECD, ECCB, and ROC ECT and possesses expert qualification in FATF, FATCA and OECD evaluation methodologies. 

Claudius played a pivot role in post CFATF mutual evaluation of Dominica: Attended several CFATF Plenary Meetings, Spearheaded Dominica Phase 2 Peer Review Process, Key role in Dominica Preparation for FATCA and CRS compliance as well as EU Code of Conduct Grouping Compliance.



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Fabrice Zambito OPES Software CEO and Chief Compliance Officer; Fabrice is a seasoned executive with over 20 years in the management of Information Technology companies. Fabrice has deep expertise in regulatory compliance and was the inspiration behind OPES’s Compliance Management practice, launched in 2014. He is a world-recognized speaker on Compliance, AML and Risk Management topics. Before joining OPES, Mr. Zambito spent four years as Country Manager/Corporate Director of BMC Canada, a $6.5B company. Prior to that, Mr. Zambito was Vice President of Computer Associates Canada for ten years, where he was responsible for all aspects of software sales, marketing, customer relations, including P&L. During his tenure, Mr. Zambito was an authorized company spokesperson. Additionally, Mr. Zambito has held the position of CFO and Chairman of the board of Business Way (NASD) a publicly-traded company. Fabrice Zambito holds a Bachelor in Business Administration degree from the University of Quebec, in Montreal. 


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Angela Mele has over 20 years of international financial services experience, having worked at Leeds Management Services in Bermuda, then at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, and most recently with Citi Hedge Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd.  

Angela left her position as Head of the Compliance & Training Division of Citi in December 2007 to take over management of RiskPass Compliance+AML Ltd.
Angela is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and is a member of the International Compliance Association (MICA).  Also, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada,  with a concentration in History and Politics, a Bachelor of Education from York University, North York, Canada, and received the designation of Certified Advanced AML Audit Specialist (CAMS-Audit) in January 2014.


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Lynn Connolly is the Founder of Harbor Peak LLC where she provides global compliance and risk management advisory services to firms utilizing Blockchain, AI, IoT and related technologies. She serves as an advisor and outsourced CCO to companies globally, and has worked for a cryptocurrency exchange providing compliance, risk management, ALM, trading strategies, and ICO due diligence advisory services.
Lynn has also advised her clients on business model and strategy, token structuring and design, transactions, wallet processes, widget programming, operational procedures, and financial reporting among others to enable sustainability and innovation while maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines.
She also assists in the design and establishment of ongoing monitoring and reporting systems, such as transaction monitoring, cybersecurity, and potential fraud detection.
Lynn has recently conducted a 5-day Compliance in Blockchain course on behalf of the Institute of Legal Studies in Malta covering such topics as due diligence and red flags, cybersecurity and risk mitigation, GDPR, internal governance framework, code of conduct, code of ethics, communications, market manipulation schemes, and data retention.
Prior to Harbor Peak, Lynn had over 25 years in financial services working for such firms as Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, and Deloitte. She has provided advisory services to some of the largest global financial institutions, asset managers, funds, and trading desks in the areas of compliance, risk management, operational risk assessments, strategies, and valuation. Her expertise extends to financial product categories including fixed income, commodities, FX, OTC derivatives, private placements of equity and debt, structured products, and real assets.  
Lynn has managed several forensic investigations on behalf of global financial firms. These included AML transaction lookbacks for global correspondent banking, market timing and late trading, fixed income trading, distressed debt trading, and bankruptcy proceedings. She has presented and given testimony to regulatory agencies including the US SEC, US Federal Reserve, US DOJ, NYS Dept of Financial Services, and the FBI. 
Lynn co-authored the whitepaper “The Missing Link: How a Distributed Ledger System Can Support Global Climate Action,” among others.  She is published in the areas of risk management and valuation, is a speaker at industry events, and has held training sessions for companies and regulatory agencies. 
Lynn has a Series 65 License, Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination. She holds a B. S. in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


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